The Making of "They Scared," Part 2: Turning a chair into music

My first job in New York involved taking off my clothes.

I'd strip down to my underwear and sing the same song for seven hours straight.

There were 11 other young men with me doing the same thing.

There were mattresses, recliners, and sofas strewn about.

There was a fridge full of beer, and empty bottles everywhere.

We were in a museum and we were the art.

We calculated that we sang the song about 15,000 times that summer.

A job is a job is a job.

But it was in this high ceilinged room with a concrete floor. If you moved a chair along the floor it would produce this ethereal moan, echoing across and upward. 

I recorded that sound and created the music for "They Scared" (if you’re interested, you can watch this TED Talk for some insight on how we did this, i.e. sampling).

And finally, below is a video of us performing "They Scared" live.

Much Love,
Spencer & Lucy

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