Exclusive Album Download

We recently released our debut single on Spotify! Listen here:  Can't Take That Away From Me

We recently released our debut single on Spotify! Listen here: Can't Take That Away From Me

Thanks for being a part of our exclusive soft release! How is it exclusive? Only those who have purchased merch at a live show currently have access to the full album. Nice!

Tell all your eager friends we'll gradually release the album online over the next few months. In the meantime, everyone can get a taste by listening to our debut single on Spotify.

Download Instructions

  1. After clicking the button below, you'll be prompted to enter the download code we sent you via email.
  2. From there you'll receive a zip file. If that's foreign to you, do not fear, because these detailed instructions help make it easy.
  3. If you're still having trouble, email eugenemarie@mosey.land and we'll make sure the music shows up in your iTunes.

What do I do with my flower pot?!

The daisy-shaped tag on your flower pot is made from Grow-A-Note Plantable Seed Paper, and is infused with a colorful variety of wildflower seeds.

Planting Instructions

  1. Thoroughly moisten your seed paper.
  2. Plant in soil 1/4 inch deep and place in an area that receives partial to full sunlight.
  3. Generously water daily.
  4. Listen to our album while you watch them grow.
  5. Post a picture & tag the social links below so we can take part in the fun!

Thank you so much for supporting Eugene Marie. Your contribution to us and to the music industry as a whole is hugely appreciated.